Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sneak Peek: Cool Stuff!

Heya Kiddos!

Miss Melanie has been a busy bee and she has been making some neat things to help promote my book!

Firstly, she has come up with something called Little Water Heroes, a water fan club of sorts that encourages kids to make the right choices to help conserve water! It's still a new thing, and it is a bit of a surprise for the author, Mr H., who may or may not have caught on by now... hee hee! He'll be sure to find out soon enough, when she visits the class in June! (Or if he's reading about it now? SURPRISE!!!!)

Melanie has also designed bookmarks and neat buttons to promote Little Water Heroes and ME, Little Raindrop! It's a great idea to get kids excited about preserving, protecting, and promoting clean water!

She sent me a few snapshots of her projects, and she's been sharing them on Twitter, too!

bookmark design ©2012 Melanie Linden Chan

button design ©2012 Melanie Linden Chan

I wonder what else that clever artist has up her sleeve?! We'll just have to wait and see! Until then, take the Little Water Hero pledge, and become a Little Water Hero!

See ya 'round the water cycle!

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