Little Water Heroes!

We're just starting up a new club called Little Water Heroes! It's for fans of clean water and those who want to preserve, protect and promote it too! We have plans to have LOTS more stuff here on the site, so check back every once in a while to see what else is new! 

Take the pledge and become a Little Water Hero today!

The Little Water Hero Pledge:
On my Honor,
I pledge to
do my best,
to Preserve
our water,
to Protect
the planet,
and to Promote
all that is good for
the world
in which we live!

Preserve and Conserve Clean Water! Use less of our limited supply!
-Take shorter showers and less baths.
-Recycle rain water to use for your garden and lawn.
-Shut off the tap while you brush your teeth.
-Use efficient Energy Star washing machines and dishwashers to use less energy and water.
-Wash the car less.
-Don't flush your boogers- toss that tissue into the garbage!
-Find "100 Ways to Conserve" here!

Protect the Planet! Make smart choices that won't add to the problem!
-Use organic cleaning supplies so less chemicals are polluting our water. 
-Use organic soaps and toiletries so less chemicals are polluting YOU. 
-Use organic fertilizer and eco-friendly pest control in your home. Those chemicals run off into the local ponds and streams and can hurt the wildlife.
-RECYCLE, Silly! That plastic will end up floating in the ocean and animals will try to eat it and get sick.
-Use less plastic and disposable items; instead reuse your water bottle and bring utensils with you! Instead of plastic baggies try these.

Promote being healthy and earth-friendly! Go on, tell the world!
-Encourage friends and family to take the pledge and be a Little Water Hero!
-Take action in your school and at home by organizing water conservation and recycling activities, such as a Beach Cleaning party!
-Support organizations that promote water conservation.
-Be proud to be a Little Water Hero! Print the logo above and pin it to your shirt! Or you can purchase your own OFFICIAL Little Water Badge here.

Other AMAZING kids are choosing to help the planet, too!
-Olivia Bouler, activist and the White House Champion of Change
-Visit Disney's "Friends For Change" site to hear more stories!

Learn More About Water & Conservation on the Web! Visit our Fun Stuff and Activities Page for a list of games and fun things to do!

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  1. Hello
    I am from a school in Durban South Africa. We are having a water festival, we have planned a treasure hunt with a number of water conservation type activities and want the parents and children to make your water pledge as the final item. We would also like to give them a reward and I would like permission to use your artwork and have it made into a badge for our event and hand it out as they finish. We will point them to you web site and ask everyone to visit and like it. I enjoyed your site and the resources you have shared. Isobel Sobey