Saturday, May 25, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: I Visit THE World... of Disney! (Part 2 of 3)


Guess what?! I just got the rest of our photos from my visit to Disney World with Rebecca! YIPPPIE!!!

It was really neat to look back at what we did- I can't believe I almost forgot about the dragon! It was big, and black, and only a little bit scary... here, take a look for yourself:

I'm ready to go on an adventure!
Where will we go today?
I think I can see... a CASTLE!!!
Little drops of rain like me work real hard to keep all the trees green!
But next to the castle, I feel like a KING drop of rain!
Just watering some flowers... and, HEY-
I think someone is behind us!
We shall defeat the dragon together! They can tickle his tummy,
and I can put out the flames for my friends!
Taking a ride on the Friendship Boat!
Look at all the water... I wonder who lives in it?
What do YOU think?
Golly, I know why it's called the Friendship Boat!
Rebecca is a really awesome kind of friend to have!
She even boosted me up so I could see the water better!
Hang on tight, we're almost there!
Time for a snack! Yummy!
I think I feel a nap coming on...
Time to get up, Little Raindrop!
Maybe I will read a little while everyone is getting ready!
La la la laaaaaa...
Just hangin' outside of my favorite imaginary ride!
That rain cloud looks familiar...
I wonder if it's MY rain cloud?!?!!
Diving deep, deep down!
glug glug glug!
There's somebody swimming in the tank?
I wonder if he jumped like that on porpoise?
Get it? Hee hee!
And look who we found by our favorite Wishing Well?
Definitely a great way to end the day-
with friends!
What an AMAZING visit we had together! I can't believe how lucky I was to have Rebecca take me with her. She was the greatest tour guide, and her little brother was SO funny! He sure cracked me up!

And to think my trip wasn't even over yet! I wonder what will happen next?

Thanks for reading... See you around! :D

Now it's time to read the rest! You can read Part 3 now!

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