Monday, March 5, 2012

Mr. H's Class to the Rescue!

Hello, Readers!

A part of my job as illustrator is to not just draw the pictures, but to also draw them again and again! An illustrator does multiple sketches for each illustration to test out layouts and different ideas. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which idea to follow through with, and the artist will get feedback from friends, family, and other art professionals.

Lucky for me, I have Mr. H's class to help me when I need some feedback!

This happened recently, when I could not decide between three different layout designs. I sent my designs to Mr. H and he took a vote from the class:


The group decided which layout they liked best... and they even wrote to tell me why!

Thanks for all your help, kids!

To learn more about how a book is made, check out "How A Book is Made" by Aliki! It looks like this:

 Have a great week!
~Miss Melanie

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