Monday, March 5, 2012

New Activity Page: Predator Pairs and Crabby Cumulonimbus!

Hi Kids!

I've just about finished sketching up all of Chapter One in Little Raindrop's chapter book. And the cool thing about that is... at the end of each chapter is a fun Activity Page! Woo hoo!

Here is a sample of what it will look like:

Mr. H and I wanted to test out the activity pages on his class of third-graders. They are EXPERTS on activity pages! Here is some of what they did:

Mr. H also drew up an activity page to help the kids understand the water cycle a bit more. This is what it looks like:

And this is what some of the kids did with their pages:

GREAT JOB, Everybody!!! 

It looks like we're on the right track with these activities! I plan to make them less sketchy looking and more official looking, and you'll be able to view and print them from the main Activities page when they are complete! Although, I won't be able to share ALL of the activities from Little Raindrop's book... you'll have to wait and see once the book is finished!

Thanks for reading!
~Miss Melanie

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