Thursday, February 7, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: My Visit to Texas!

Hiya kids, Little Raindrop here!

I've got some great photos to share with you from one of my latest adventures! My good pal, Alex, took me with her on her visit to San Antonio, Texas... and we sure had a SPLASH- uh, I mean a BLAST!

We traveled by air and flew right past my  old neighborhood- hey, wait...

Then we watched a ceremony at Lackland Airport... see Alex's cousin graduate! Congratulations!

Look how close we got to the plane!

And we learned that heroes, and dangers, come in many shapes and sizes!

Then we visited San Antonio's Sea World theme park.

I got to visit with my whale buddies, Shamu and friends!
It was great to see them all again!

I'm sure going to miss them, but Shamu told me I could
keep an eye on him from the Shamu cam, and you can, too!

Next, we discovered the Alamo!
Well, WE didn't discover it, but we definitely explored it!

What a cool building!
You girls really know how to lift a guy up! :)
hee hee! This tail is tickling me!

This cactus does NOT tickle!

Ouch! Who thought of this idea??

Eesh, I'm starting to wonder if these people like me anymore!

Even though I got pricked a few times, I still had a TON of fun with Alex and her family! I went to all sorts of new places, and saw some old faces, too! Now, where is my First Aid kit???

Until next time, my Little Water Heroes!

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