Thursday, September 26, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: Kayaking on the Potomac! #PotomacRiver

Hi Again!

This summer, Mr. H took me fishing with him AND we even went kayaking! I had never done anything like it before... it was so cool to paddle through the rushing river waters! We saw so many sights, and met so many new friends. Well, anyway... take a look!

Here I am, fishing on Walden Pond. This is Mr. H's favorite pond in the whole world!
I wonder how many fishies we'll catch?

Somebody smells our bait... heyyy, I think I recognize this guy!

And I know exactly where to find him!

Yep, right here! He's in my book!
I think I'm going to read to my new pal!

"That very night, a garter snake slithered up to the sleeping field mouse..."

Time for a potty break before we leave for the day!

"Uhm, Mr. H? I think I need a book in here..."

"Thanks a bunch! Now go away!"

Nature is just so beautiful. I sure hope we can keep it that way!

Then one day, we went kayaking with friends!

Whoa! What a rush!

This ride is crazy!

That sure was fun... but this is a nice view, too!

What a cool root system!

Here are some of the things I see when I'm out by the river or the pond...


My friend, the heron!

Pretty wildflowers!

Wildlife hiding in the grass.

What calm waters, secretly bursting with life down below!

The leaves are just beginning to turn colors!

And, would you know, Mr. H and I even make a new friend or two when we're out and about! Meet Mike Johnson, who is biking his way across the United States.

Mike Johnson and little me!

From the Atlantic Ocean's beaches all the way to the Pacific Ocean's coast, Mike is living in harmony with nature, breathing in the fresh air and taking in all that the Earth has to offer. What a nice guy he is. I sure hope we meet again some day! If you see him around, tell him I say hello!

We sure had a lot of fun hanging out by the water, Mr. H and I. I think sometimes the best medicine in life is a dose of Mother Nature! After all that fresh air, and being close to the water, I felt so peaceful and relaxed. It was a good reminder to Mr. H and myself that taking care of nature is super duper important, especially if we want to share it with the people with love!

So the next time you see garbage lying around by the water, be a Little Water Hero and pick it up! We don't want the herons or the duckies to be eating things they shouldn't!

Thanks for reading, see ya 'round!

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