Thursday, September 26, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: A Visit to Biomes Marine Biology Center! @biomescenter

Heya, Kiddos!

This summer, I was able to take a quick peek into the Biomes Marine Biology Center. It is so cool in there! They have a gazillion touch-tanks where guests can experience what certain underwater animals feel like. They have so many different kinds of plants, fish and aquatic animals, and many are even native to Rhode Island, where Miss Melanie is from!

We only visited for a short time, which means I will get to go back again because we didn't get to see everything in time! Yippieeee!!!

I feel like I'm at the beach!

I wonder, are these mangrove roots?
Are those STRAW fish?

Nope! They're cornetfish!

Horseshoe crabs!

But they don't look like shoes to me!

Cute little sharkie!

I'm so lucky I was able to meet this little guy!

Hey! No escaping, Mister!

These stars look like they are made of spaghetti!


These fish like to hide using their sandy colored camouflage!
A striped Sea Robin!

Though it looks a lot like Miss Melanie's old Pleco fish!

Somebody feeling blue?

Wow, he's so colorful compared to his neighbor!

Snapping turtle, please don't bite!

A tortoise!

He is faster than I expected him to be!

That was such a neat little tour! Now I want to know: When are we going again??? Hee hee! I will let you know when we do!

Until then, see you around and around!

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