Thursday, December 19, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: From New York to Georgia!

Hiya, Readers!

So, did I tell you what I did last month in November?

NO?!?!! Golly, I'd better hurry up!

Well, we all know November is a pretty cool month for many of us. Cool because it's c-c-cold, and cool because we get to celebrate all the things we're thankful for during Thanksgiving! But I got to do some reaallly cool things on top of all that!

At the beginning of the month, Miss Lucy took me with her on a super duper fast Amtrak train to New York City! I sure love trains! I had been to the city before, but I hadn't seen some of these other sights before now...

Let's hang out here and watch the world zooooom by!

The New York City Marathon finish line!!! Wowie!
I wonder how many water bottles they used up?

Without water, there would be no baked goods! Mmmmm, cake!

This cute fat little pigeon looks like he needs a drop of water!
(Just DON'T let him drive a bus!)

WHOA. Times Square!

This is the Washington Square Arch! It was completed and dedicated
wayyy back in 1895! The fountain we are leaning on was built in 1872.
That's, like, older than Grampa Drop and Gramma Drop!

Then, during the week of Thanksgiving, Aaron's family took me with them on a road trip! The best part was when we went climbing on rock walls like monkeys at Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA. It was SO FUN! I hope I get to go climbing again because it was super cool!

Gahhhhh! I'm up so high!!!

Don't we just look LOVEly, hee hee!

Yay, we are on our way home again!

It was great seeing all the sights in the city, and just hanging out and having a good ol' time with family and friends. I can't wait to see where I'm going next! :D

In the mean time, I better go make sure Miss Melanie is staying on track with the illustrations. She just finished some really fun activity pages, and I want to see what she is working on now!

See ya around and around!

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