Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tales of a Third Grade Classroom: Activity Page Tryouts!

Hi, Kids!

Do you remember how I said in October that I am working on new Activity Pages for Mr. H's class to try out? Well, I've already made a whole bunch of them! Here are some final images for you to see for yourself:

 Aren't they fun?!

You might even notice this new logo on the page...

That's because with every new Activity Page I share with students, or post on the blog here, that logo will let people know that I am still testing out these activities! Sometimes I make mistakes, or create a puzzle that could be too hard, or even too easy, for kids. It's good to learn how well I am doing or not!

In fact, I sent them to Mr. H's students this week, and the kids have been trying out the activities! These kids sure look like they're having fun!

The cutest Crabby Cumulonimbus, ever!

GREAT JOB, kids!

Guess what? YOU can even try out these Activity Pages for yourself! Just have a parent click on each image and Print each page, and viola! You have your very own Tester Page! Send us photos of your finished pages and let us know how you like them to Or if you want to send it through the Snail Mail instead, ask for further instructions on how to do so via email. If you include your mailing address, I will even send you a button as a Thank You!

Thanks SO much for your help! Because of you, Little Raindrop's book is going to be totally AWESOME!
~Miss Melanie

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