Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer 2012 Book Status!

Hello, Readers!

Well, it's been a busy summer for sure! But now that I've gone and had my fun on vacation, it's time to crack the whip and get this book really flying!

Many of you have been asking "When will the book be out?" In all honesty, it's really hard to tell! Both Richard and I only have our spare time to put this book together, as we both work other jobs. But we're aiming to have the book ready by the end of 2013. We're trying really hard to work quickly and efficiently, but Quality is our goal so we're not going to rush to the finish line.

For now, here is where we are at:
-the first two chapters of the book are in Dummy Book form
-the second two chapters have been written and revised
-I am working on the page layout of the second two chapters
-the last two chapters of the book are currently being revised

And in the meantime...
-our Marketing Plan is being plotted out
-our bookmarks are being handed out
-we are plotting and outlining the next two books
-we will be creating Little Raindrop's web site
-we are gathering names for the Pre-Order and Email list

And there is LOTS more that needs to be done! The story will need a fully professional edit so I can draw up the rest of the Dummy. Once the full Dummy is complete, it will need lots of feedback from other artists and writers, and perhaps more editing. After we make all the changes we need to make, I will be able to go back and re-draw and paint and digitalize the WHOLE story! And then I will clean up the layout and the text, and then look the whole thing over to check for mistakes once again. 

When (and ONLY when) all edits and critiques and inspections have deemed the story and art spotless, we shall move on to printing the books! How exciting!!!

We also have a lot more EXCITING things that will be happening from now until then, so stay posted! You never know when something new will pop up here on the blog... this!
Little Raindrop and Friends
Characters, Art & Design © 2011-2012 Melanie Linden Chan
Story and Ideas © 2011-2012  Richard Halttunen

Off to draw I go!