My Creators & Helpers

I wouldn't have a book without the help of my friends and creators! :D

Mr. H, me, and Miss Melanie!

Richard Halttunen (Mr. H) teaches Third Grade in Arlington, VA, and as the Official Author he is helping me tell my story! He is an Earth Friendly guy that takes care of the turtles and terrariums at his school. He even manages the school recycling program! Learn more about him here.  (To see all of Mr. H's custom-drawn portraits, click here!

Melanie Linden Chan (Miss Melanie) is an illustrator of children's books, and she is helping me to draw my pictures! She is currently learning more about children's book illustration at RISD, and is a member of SCBWI.

You can view her portfolio here:
and watch her progress on the illustrations for my book here:

Little Raindrop's BIG Helpers are friends, family members, writers and readers, artists, parents, kids, teachers, librarians, science professionals, and more! These people all have offered their help, and all have different jobs to do, but ALL have big hearts willing to help out in any way they can to make our book totally AWESOME! We are SO grateful for every single person who has either offered advice and ideas, or editing services, or even just willing to spread the word about the book.

The Pro's are Mr. H's third grade classes and are super creative kids! They are helping us to decide on book size, page layouts, character ideas, activity pages and MORE! I'm totally thankful to have so many friends (and Little Water Heroes), help me make my book the best that it can be! I will be dedicating my book tho these amazing kids that have been helping me all year!

Below, you will learn more about the classes that have helped us! 
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