Q & A

Q: Why are you choosing to Self-Publish your book? Is traditional publishing out of the question?

A: Mr. H and Miss Melanie have plans to self-publish my book, simply because Mr. H really, really, reaaallly wants to use my book in his classroom to teach his students all about the water cycle! It takes a super long time to create a book, and it takes even longer than that to find a traditional publisher who wants to print the book. Mr. H and Miss Melanie are going to see if a few traditional publishers like the book first, before they start the printing process, just in case there is a publisher out there who loves my book as much as they do! And if they don't like it, that's okay, too!

Q: How many Little Raindrop books are you going to make?

A: We plan to have THREE Little Raindrop books in the graphic novel series. There is also a chance of creating a spinoff picture book series! But Mr. H and Miss Melanie both agree it's a good idea to finish the first book, first!

Q: Will you [Little Raindrop] make new friends in your book? I really hope you do!

A: Oh, yes! I made LOTS of new friends during my trip through the water cycle, and you'll get to meet them all, too!

Q: I'm very picky about the books I like to read. What kind of kids will like your book?

A: That's a great question! Because my book has lots of neat stuff inside, it's hard to say who will like it! Both boys and girls, from ages 5 to 10, have told me they like my Dummy book so far. Anyone who likes these things will probably like my book:
-Chapter Books
-GROSS stuff
-The Planet
-Quotes by famous people
-Word Puzzles
-Earth Science
-Fascinating Facts
...and of course, WATER!

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