Thursday, June 20, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: Little Me in BIG New York City!

Hey There, Little Water Heroes!

Last March, I was invited to go to the city with my friend Eliana! And not just any city... we went to NEW YORK CITY! Yahoooooooie!

Eliana was visiting her family for the weekend, and she thought I'd like to come along. Boy was she right!

Getting Ready...

Getting Set (at Union Station)...

Let's GOOO!!!

Here we are at Eliana's grandparents' apartment!
Brrr, it was chilly!

Knock Knock Knock! Anybody there?
Grandma... can we have some cookies?

What a great view we had from the balcony!
I can see right onto First Avenue!

Columbia University, here we come!

Here we are at Eliana's Auntie's house!
I liked going up and down all the stairs!

And then we went to Bank Street Books!
Yahooooo, I sure LOVE books!

Bundle up, it's time to go home now!

It was a quick but fun trip! I hope I get to visit New York City again sometime soon, and sometime WARMER soon, hee hee!

Thanks for adventuring with me! :D