"Little Raindrop's WILD Water Reads!"
I, Little Raindrop, will be sharing my favorite books about water. I am busy reading them now! But I want to write reports on the books, too, so that will take a bit of time. (I am still working on my penmanship.) For now, here's an awesome book list about water and nature!

Activity Pages from the book!
Print out these Sample Activity pages from the book and have some fun! You can even send us photos or scans of your finished product. If you prefer to send yours via Snail Mail, write to for further instructions! (Click on each image to print it!)

Games and More on the Web!
Please note that the following games and activities are all created by their respective web sites and companies! We only wish to share the wealth of knowledge, and do not make any claims to the rights of these materials.

-Watch fun videos starring Water Wally, the "official Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) mascot"!
-Watch the Water Cycle in Action
-Learn the Water Filtration Process
-Learn about Water Treatment Plants
-The Water Cycle Interactive Diagram
-Discover Water's Role in YOUR Life!
-Help Aqua and Sparky Conserve Water!

-USGS Water Questions and Answers
-National Geographic's Test Your Water IQ!
-EPA's "Matching Fun Facts" Game
-EPA's "How Much Water?" Quiz
-Water Fun Facts
-Take Central Basin's "Water Quiz"'s "Water Trivia Facts"
-"100 Ways to Conserve"

-Classroom Materials from the city of Phoenix
-WaterShare Teacher Plans
-Project WET's Teaching Booklets
-EPA Classroom & Project Resources
-USGS Water Education
-EPA's "Wetlands Education"
-Create a Mini Water Cycle
-The Water Project's Teaching Resources
-Water.Org's Lesson Plans
-Visit with George Global!

-"Wastewater Word Search"
-"The Hydrologic Cycle"
-"Dirty to Clean Maze"
-"Word Scramble"
-EPA's "Word Scramble"
-Monterey Bay Aquarium's Splash Page's Games and Puzzles!

-NOAA's Games Portal- LOTS of cool games here!
-Ranger Rick's Nature Games!
-EPA's "Beach Kids" Games
-EPA's "Fish Kids" Games
-EPA's "Nonpoint Source" Kid's Page
-EPA's other Games and Activities
-Play "Water Dash"
-EcoKids' "Water Conservation Around the House"!
-EcoKids' "Acid Lake" Game
-"Wild Wetlands" Game & More
-Clean up your trash in this "Wasted" game!
-"Make Energy Useful" Game
-"Frog Leap" Brainteaser Game
... AND MORE GAMES! Scroll down for more!

Click HERE to play 
"Mission H2O"!

Click HERE 
for tons of water FUN!
Click HERE to play
"Save Splash the Raindrop"!
Click HERE to play
"Bert & Phil's Water Busters"!
Click HERE to Play 
"Tip Tank"!
Click HERE to play 
"The Water Family"!
Click HERE to learn
"How Water Works"!
Click HERE to play
"Thirstin's Word Scramble Game"!
Click HERE to
"Test Your Water Sense"!
Click HERE to
"Learn About Water"!
Click HERE to play
"Be A Water Star Detective"!
Click HERE to play
"Washing Machine Basketball"!
Click HERE to play
"Dripping Faucets"!
Click HERE to play the
"Amazing Water Map"!
Click HERE to play the
"Water Cycle Woop Dee Doo"!

The following games are samples of "The Great Water Odyssey"! To play more games visit:
Click HERE to play
"The Cloud Game"!

Click HERE to play
"Connect the Pipes"!

Click HERE to play
"Concentration Game"!

Click HERE to play
"Fish Chomp"!

Click HERE to play
"Math Maze"!

Click HERE to play the
"Standard System Measurement Game"!