Saturday, May 25, 2013

Around the World with Little Raindrop: I Visit THE World... of Disney! (Part 3 of 3)

Heya, it's me again! Welcome to Part Three of my Walt Disney World adventure! Yahoooo!
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So... where was I? Oh, right!

I said my goodbye to Rebecca and her family, and I hopped on over to visit with Miss Melanie and her husband, Mr. Danny!

On our first day hanging out together, I was feeling a little under the weather. I think I was tuckered out from all the fun I had with Rebecca and her family! So I chose instead to stay at the hotel and rest, which turned out to be a great idea and more fun than I expected, because look where we stayed...

King Triton's rooms!

Cozy sea beds!

I'm feeling right at home!

Hey, there's Ariel!

And a grotto full of treasures! Nice!

The whole watery room, complete with floating luggage!

Who leaves sneakers on the sea floor?
Tisk tisk!
It turns out that Miss Melanie was very pleased I took all these photos, because she forgot to take pictures of the room with her own camera! I was glad to be a helpful raindrop while she was having some fun! 

The next day, we went to...
This is what I get for skipping ahead of the group... I didn't get in the photo!

This body of water is called "Discovery River," and it is not only a great source of hydration,
 but it is also even a home for many plants and animals throughout the park.

This is a roller coaster ride that goes THROUGH Mount Everest...
well, a fake one, anyway! The real Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth,
and is home to animals such as Himilayan Yaks, Snow Leopards, and Mountain Tahrs.

Another view of Mount Everest!
My new FAVORITE musical, ever! It takes place under the sea!

Miss Melanie and I, under a flowering tree.
With so many flowers on this tree, it sure must drink up a lot of water!

This painting shows that all kinds of different animals rely
on clean natural water sources for survival!

I don't know the name of this flowering plant,
but I betcha it feeds some important species!

It was so much fun to explore the park and learn about all the different plants and animals that rely on little raindrops, just like me, to help them live! But it was time for us to leave and explore other places. And what do you know, we found some neat water fountains!

A fun splash pad for hot summer days! Lucky duck!

This was such a relaxing spot to rest... ahhh!

The next day, we were off to a whole new park!

Here I am, visiting EPCOT!
Miss Melanie and Mr. Danny took me with them on their special behind-the-scenes tour of the park.

They got to wear these cool name tags!

Then we got to go behind the scenes of my favorite ride...

...and we discovered a whole private room where we could see all my underwater friends!

See that tunnel to the left? That's where the ride goes!

A view of the window, and some of our touring friends!

And lots of nifty ocean decorations in the room!

Next, we went to the Land pavilion, and we learned that one of the restaurants inside is dedicated to the four seasons, and that lots of the fresh food made here is also grown right here in the park's greenhouses. They use hydroponics to grow the produce, which means they don't need soil but they do need LOTS of clean water to do this!

Hot air balloons are SO cool!

Sitting by this cool blue pond, we learned that much of the ride inside is powered
by the solar panels on the top of the building! That's totally awesome!

You can just about see the solar panels from here!

Look at how much of our planet is covered by water. That's a LOT!

Our super fun tour had come to an end, but I had to make sure I got
a photo with the coolest tour guide, ever!

We found a few more fountains while walking through the park...

Hola! Esta agua me esta haciendo sed! 

This is called the Fountain of Nations,
and every fifteen minutes the water dances to music!

It is called the Fountain of Nations because as part of Epcot's dedication ceremony,
guests from twenty two different nations around the world each poured
a gallon of water from their home country into the fountain!

Isn't the water so pretty?

Then we went back to take some photos with our underwater friends!

Can you name the two types of fish behind me?

Amazing facts about sea horses... the DADS are the ones who give birth
to their babies, not the moms! Crazy neat!

This Regal Tang fish and Clown fish live in what kind of water?

Just going with the flow, dudes!

We hung out with the sea turtles for a bit!

I'm pooped! Time to sit for a minute... phew!

I had SO much fun, and I learned way more than I ever thought I would a such a fun place! But it was time to go back home, so we packed up our things...

I'm a helpful raindrop and I always keep an eye on our bags.

We sat in the WAY front!

The best part of flying is the view!

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

What an amazing adventure! I wonder where I will end up next?

See ya 'round!

Around the World with Little Raindrop: I Visit THE World... of Disney! (Part 2 of 3)


Guess what?! I just got the rest of our photos from my visit to Disney World with Rebecca! YIPPPIE!!!

It was really neat to look back at what we did- I can't believe I almost forgot about the dragon! It was big, and black, and only a little bit scary... here, take a look for yourself:

I'm ready to go on an adventure!
Where will we go today?
I think I can see... a CASTLE!!!
Little drops of rain like me work real hard to keep all the trees green!
But next to the castle, I feel like a KING drop of rain!
Just watering some flowers... and, HEY-
I think someone is behind us!
We shall defeat the dragon together! They can tickle his tummy,
and I can put out the flames for my friends!
Taking a ride on the Friendship Boat!
Look at all the water... I wonder who lives in it?
What do YOU think?
Golly, I know why it's called the Friendship Boat!
Rebecca is a really awesome kind of friend to have!
She even boosted me up so I could see the water better!
Hang on tight, we're almost there!
Time for a snack! Yummy!
I think I feel a nap coming on...
Time to get up, Little Raindrop!
Maybe I will read a little while everyone is getting ready!
La la la laaaaaa...
Just hangin' outside of my favorite imaginary ride!
That rain cloud looks familiar...
I wonder if it's MY rain cloud?!?!!
Diving deep, deep down!
glug glug glug!
There's somebody swimming in the tank?
I wonder if he jumped like that on porpoise?
Get it? Hee hee!
And look who we found by our favorite Wishing Well?
Definitely a great way to end the day-
with friends!
What an AMAZING visit we had together! I can't believe how lucky I was to have Rebecca take me with her. She was the greatest tour guide, and her little brother was SO funny! He sure cracked me up!

And to think my trip wasn't even over yet! I wonder what will happen next?

Thanks for reading... See you around! :D

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