My Book

"If a raindrop, Squish, and Diary of a Worm married and had a baby, that baby would write this graphic novel/journal/scrapbook to teach reluctant readers how important water is to nature, the world, and our survival." 
~Melanie Linden Chan

-My story is about the water cycle, and has an environmental theme with fun characters. All of the information in the book complies with the teaching requirements for the subject, according to Fairfax County's public schools. The reason for this? My writer is a teacher and also plans to use his book as a tool in his classroom! Our hopes are that other teachers will follow suit, and that the book will become a valuable and fun part of learning to many children! What a way to make a wave! 

-My book's targeted age range is from 3rd Grade to 5th Grade (7-10), depending on the child's reading level, and will be a chapter book/comic book hybrid. Lots of words and new vocabulary, but lots of fun art and activities mixed in! We're planning to have the book fit on the shelf quite nicely, (mostly in size and hopefully in awesomeness) next to Squish (Super Amoeba)Captain Underpants, Babymouse, and the Geronimo Stilton series.

-My book is planned to be self-published, (not vanity or print-on-demand or published by a Big Publisher, though we wouldn't say No to you, Big P's!). It will be designed, independently printed, marketed and sold by me, Little Raindrop, my writer Richard, and my illustrator Melanie. We're going to work our bottoms off to make this book really splashy!

-We aren't really sure when the book will be complete! Mr. H and Miss Melanie are helping me create this book all while they work their day jobs, teach classes, take classes, and be their cute little selves. (Thank you both SO much, you're totally awesome!) So it is hard to tell at this point in time exactly when the books will be printed. When we DO know for sure, I will make sure you know it!