Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tales of a Third Grade Classroom: Activity Page Help Results!

Why, hello again!

I promised to share with you the results of the newest Activity Pages, and I've got it all here for the world to see! In fact, I believe there may even be some Activity Page results from page samples I haven't shared with you before. That's because we don't want to ruin the book and show you ALL our secrets, before the book is even done. That wouldn't be fun, would it? ;)

So! The kids all drew some Crabby Cumulonimbus clouds, and had a few tips here and there to share as well...

Smart idea! I'm doing a How To Draw Little Raindrop tutorial for my class visits from now on!

...then they learned how to draw a Busy Bee... (theirs are absolutely adorable)

I love the expression on his face!

...and they drew some fancy snowflakes...

Hyuck hyuck! I love the way this kid thinks!

Having fun AND learning?! Yahooiee!

...and had some tips for me regarding some of the other pages, too...

...and they even found a typo in one of the Word Searches! Thanks, kids! :D

Here is everyone with their Little Raindrop's Big Helpers buttons!

Overall, testing out these Activity Pages turned out to be seriously helpful! I have been able to change some of the pages, with a few more changes still being needed, and they are even better than before. THANK YOU, Little Raindrop's Big Helpers, for your help! I'll be sure to test all of the Activity Pages from now on.

Keep up the great work, kids!
~Miss Melanie

Oh, PS...
I loved all the artwork so much, that I decorated my studio walls with your pictures! Thank you for decorating my room! :)

Don't get any ideas... that TV isn't mine, nor is it plugged in!
I get some serious work done in this room! :)

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